Why should I blog?

When I started blogging I did it with the assumption that I’d be doing it mainly for reflection. Then I started reading other peoples’ blogs and noticed that many of them were sharing resources that I could implement into my classroom. This meant two things for me. First, I should only “reflect” on activities/tasks that other people might find useful and second, sharing my thoughts and using the blog as a way to process my ideas was out the window. Who cares about my struggles with getting the pod 7 to engage in a normal curve activity? In short, without realizing it, my blog became about other people. How could I format my site so that it had only my best activities so that people who visited would find it useful and pass it on?

Now part of this is fine. If a math teacher visits my blog they’ll likely find something at least mildly interesting to read and maybe something they can use in their class. This pushes me to create tasks that are pretty solid. The drawback is that, because I’m fairly self critical, only about one or two activities a month make the cut and get posted. I have several draft posts that are unpublished because I didn’t think others would find them useful.

I went from a goal of writing for me, to writing for anybody else that might wander over to my site. This summer and next year my goal is to write more often and more for my reflection. I firmly believe that the process of writing and reflecting helps me organize my ideas, identify shortcomings in my teaching, and grow as an educator.


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