Networked Learning Project: Planning Phase

For my networked learning project I want to learn how to use HTML and CSS to code a website. By the end of this four weeks I want to have coded and launched a “landing page” for all of my digital “stuff” (my blog, twitter, class sites, etc.). I’ve wanted to learn HTML for a long time as a hobby, but I also think there’s value in understanding how the internet works. When I run into problems with my sites I don’t want to be at the mercy of whatever site is hosting my webpages. I want to have the knowledge and control to change things and trouble shoot as they come up. I also like the idea of having countless customization options that many sites (like Weebly or WordPress) don’t offer or allow.

I currently have basically no knowledge of how HTML works. Because of this, to start my learning, I’m going to take a course on (I wanted to use which is a more social site for learning to code, but it would not send me an email confirmation so that I could comment within the site, making it basically unusable from the social aspect of the site.) Within Code Academy you get to pick your goals. It then leads you through the steps to that goal. I really like that from each step you can access user forums and engage with people that have gone through that step. I’ve used these forums on multiple occasions already.

As I get further into learning to code I will undoubtedly be relying on forums to support my learning. The great thing about forums is that if I have a question, there is a community of people that want to answer it (and usually can!). I then hope to be able to contribute to these forums once I understand HTML better. StackExchange looks like an awesome community that I will likely rely on as a resource. I will be documenting my learning via this blog, so follow along if you’re interested!

Here I am learning about headings.

Zach learns headings



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