AP Calculus

Successful Activities

“Derivative as a Function” activity: Has students use a ruler to find slope at different points, then plot the points on a new graph. It then asks them to write their observations and make inferences about the behavior of the graph of f’ in relation to the graph of f.       PDF Version       Pages Version

Connecting the graph of f(x), f'(x) and f”(x) activity: This is an activity I give after students are comfortable with the connection between the function and the first derivative and haven’t been exposed to connections to the second derivative.  This is before I give any direct in instruction on the topic. The goal is that students get a “feel” for how the second derivative behaves and relates to the original function. We then solidify and formalize definitions later.  PDF version      Pages version

“Develop and Sell it” Activity: This activity is somewhat of a culminating activity for my mini unit on optimization. It was very successful and you can read about it in more detail here.    Pages Version      PDF Version

“Finding Areas” activity (Intro to finite sums): Requires students to find areas of uncommon shapes by partitioning into finite sums. You can read about my reflection/implementation here.     PDF Version     Pages Version

“Differential Equation Station Review”: This is a station activity in which we review the major concepts in differential equations. The questions are of varying difficulty. I’ve uploaded the PDFs of the activity, answer sheet, and answer key. I’ve also uploaded the Pages version of both the activity and the answer sheet.

Reflective Blog Scoring Rubric: This is borrowed largely from Gary Abud, but this is the rubric I use for grading the blogs my AP calc students write on a weekly basis.      PDF Version

“Homework Workflow”: I handle homework in AP calc differently than most most math classes. I wrote about it here, but you can see how the workflow works in this diagram.

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