Helpful Websites

Helpful Sites

If you’re looking for set of math teacher approved resources to give yourself a leg up in mathematics then you’ve come to the right place! Here you will find links to sites that will help you better understand mathematics. In addition, if you’re feeling a little bit down about your math class or math in general, I’ve included some links to sites that demonstrate the awesomeness of mathematics. This page is part instruction and part inspiration!


First up on the list is, or course, my class websites. If you’re currently in one of my classes then here are the links to my class websites. There you’ll find all of my lesson plans, any instructional videos I’ve made for your class, and a form to contact me if you have questions.

Algebra II

Over the course of my career I’ve put together, what seems like, a massive number of instructional videos ranging from fractions to the fundamental theorem of calculus. Here is where they are all located and categorized for your learning convenience. If you’re looking for a specific concept, a great idea would be to use [Control] + [f] to search the page.

Mr. Cresswell’s Instructional Videos

Next is a module that was out together by another teacher at Mt. Pleasant High School designed to help you improve your problem solving skills as well as give you a mindset for approaching word problems.

ADDRESS Problem Solving Method Module

Develop your spatial and logical reasoning skills with these mathematical games provided by the good folks over at Math Munch. If you’re looking to hone your mathematical ability in a fun and engaging way then hit the link and start playing.

Math Munch Math Games

This pair of links send you to the two best (free) graphing utilities on the web. The first is Desmos which is a simple, responsive, and powerful graphing calculator. The Desmos site also showcases their users best math art! The second is Geogebra, which, along with powerful graphing capabilities, allows users to create geometric constructions.


If there’s anything that you don’t know, that you want to know, then Wolfram Alpha is the site for you. You type just about anything into the search bar, but it especially does a nice job with mathematics questions. For instance, if you type in solve 2x-7=9, it not only gives you the solution but it also gives you different ways to represent the solution. You’re likely to go there with a specific question and come away with a richer understanding of whatever concept you were exploring. If there’s anything (even if it’s not mathematics) that you want to know then you should definitely check out Wolfram Alpha!

Wolfram Alpha

The final site to heal your mathematical ailments is Khan Academy. Although it occasionally catches a bad rap, it does provide a plethora of instructional videos, practices problems, and allows you to track your learning progress.

Khan Academy


There are some tremendous Youtube channels that demonstrate how magnificent mathematics is. This link takes you to the Vi Hart youtube channel. Her videos not only explore interesting mathematics, they are also incredibly well put together and engaging. A couple of my favorites are Infinity Elephants and Connecting Dots.

Vi Hart Youtube Channel

Staying with the theme of tremendous mathematical Youtubers, scoot over to channel of James Grimes (who periodically appears on Numberphile, mentioned below). James has a variety of mathematical videos, but some of my favorites are ones in which he poses an interesting mathematical problem or conundrum. As the viewer you then have the opportunity to work on the problem before viewing the video of the solution. He does a great job of clearly explaining tricky mathematical concepts.

singingbanana Youtube Channel

If your less inclined to watch and more inclined to read than the people over at Math Munch blog a weekly digest of the mathematical happenings and trends from around the Internet. They’re also great people!

Math Munch

Part of the beauty of mathematics is that there are many aspects of it that are painfully interesting, even for people that generally don’t enjoy math. The people over at Numberphile put together videos on topics in mathematics that are curiously interesting. They are also exceptional at making complicated mathematics simple, without sacrificing mathematical rigor. A couple of my favorite videos are The Useless Number and Homer Simpson vs. Pierre de Fermat. Click around on this site for a while and you’re sure to be fascinated.


Have you come across a site that I should have on my list? Drop me a note in the comments and I’ll be sure to check it out!

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