Instructional Videos

Over the course of my career I’ve put together what seems like a massive number of videos. Here is where they are all located and categorized for your learning convenience. If you’re looking for a specific concept a great idea would be to use [Control] + [f] to search the page.

General Math and Algebra I

How to Divide Fractions 3:45

Why a Fraction can be Written as a Decimal 8:10

Understanding the Connection between Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers 7:36

Absolute Value – Basic 1:37

Distance Formula 3:05

Circles 3:37

Write Equations Lines 4:01

Solve Linear Inequalities 3:33

Graph Linear Inequalities 9:24

Converting Word Problems into Expressions and Equations 9:37

Graphing Equations of Lines using Slope-Intercept Form 13:39

Graph Equations of Lines using Point Slope Form 5:15

Multiplying Binomials 10:48

Multiplying Binomials (Special Products) 6:54

Algebra II

Average Rate of Change of a Function 7:29

Basic Properties of Exponents 16:09

Understanding Negative Exponents 13:25

Solve Quadratics using the Square Root Property 15:24

Solve Quadratics using Factoring 7:13

Perform Operations on Functions 6:58

Degrees of Polynomials 1:31

Find Zeros of Polynomial Functions 10:58

Write Rules for Recursive Sequences 10:11

Simplify Expressions involving Rational Exponents 18:58

Inverse and Joint Variation 5:40

Graph Simple Rational Functions 10:57

Graph Complex Rational Functions 11:35

Divide Rational Expressions 5:45

Multiply and Divide Rational Expressions 14:23

Add and Subtract Rational Expressions 13:07

Simplify Rational Expressions 6:46

Solve Rational Equations Graphically 7:37

Simplify Expressions Using Properties of Exponents 3:45

How to build Exponential Growth Models 4:25

How to Build Exponential Growth Models – Word Problems

Understanding Compound Interest

Solve Exponential Equations 11:00

Properties of Logarithms – Part 1 1:12

Properties of Logarithms – Part 2 10:39

Evaluate Logarithms 13:19

Use the Normal Distribution, including Z-Scores and the Standard Normal Table 14:22

Apply the Law of Sines to Solve Triangles 14:16

Find the Area of a Triangle Using the Law of Sines 5:53

Apply the Law of Cosines in Different Circumstances 10:23

Sampling and Margin of Error 10:19


Denoting Intervals (number line, inequality, and interval notation) 5:00

Solve Quadratic Equations 9:18

Solve Rational, Square Root, and Absolute Value Equations 12:10

Find Inverses of Functions 7:25

Operations on and Composition of Functions 4:55

Remainder Theorem and Synthetic Division 4:39

Polynomial Long Division 9:19

Finding All Exact Zeros of Polynomial Functions 11:12

Find Every Asymptote – Ever 9:54

Even and Odd Functions 3:10

Finding the Domain and Range 5:49

Intro to Complex Numbers 7:52

Find Complex Roots/Solutions 4:44

Solving Polynomial Inequalities 6:39

Solve Rational Equations 8:51

Range, Continuity, Inc dec, and extrema 12:18

Concavity 6:42

Exponential Functions 5:58

Logarithmic Functions and Properties of Logarithms 15:08

Solve Logarithmic and Exponential Equations 14:14

What does sine actually do? 3:37

Degrees, Minutes, and Seconds and Decimal Degrees 4:31

Radians v. DegreesCompares radians and degrees. Examples of converting between the two. 6:26

Angular Speed 4:36

Arc Length 2:13

Coterminal Angles    5:55

Reference angles, Unit Circle, and Finding Exact Trig Values using the Unit Circle 13:29

Put Trig Functions in Standard Form

Graphing Trig Functions without a Calculator 15:15

Trig Identities and Simplification 11:34

Trigonometric Verification #1

Trigonometric Verification #2

Trigonometric Verification #3

Trigonometric Verification #4

Solve Trig Equations 13:03

Vectors in the Plane 14:53

Convert Polar Coordinates to Rectangular Coordinates and Back 9:19

Inverse Matrices by Hand 8:30

Linear Programming  5:27

Basic Probability 8:22

Mutually Exclusive v. Independent 5:53

Conic Sections – Parabolas 10:52

Intro to SequencesThis video discusses finite/infinite sequences, explicitly defined sequences, recursively defined sequences, limits of infinite sequences and convergence/divergence. 11:03

Geometric Sequences 6:18

Arithmetic Sequences 9:08

Sigma Notation – Intro to Summations 7:27

Limits 15:11

AP Calculus

Intro to Limits 8:44

Hacking the Difference QuotientThis video digs deeper into the difference quotient. 4:28

AntiDifferentiation using U-Substitution 15:34

Implicit Differentiation – Basic Example 2:10

Implicit Differentiation – Find the Tangent Line 3:16

Implicit Differentiation – Product Rule 3:13

Implicit Differentiation – Second Derivative 3:23

Derivatives of Exponential Functions and Logarithms 8:52

Derivatives of Inverse Trig Functions 5:04

Curve Sketching Example

Optimization – Designing an Oil Can Using the Least Amount of Material 12:09

Optimization – Maximize the Area of a Rectangle Inscribed under a Sine Curve 9:55

Relate Rates – Ladder Problem 6:04

Using Rules of Integration to Evaluate Definite Integrals and Mean Value Theorem for Definite Integrals – Part 1 13:55

Using Rules of Integration to Evaluate Definite Integrals and Mean Value Theorem for Definite Integrals – Part 2 13:54

Fundamental Theorem of Calculus ExplorationThis video provides a graphical representation of the fundamental theorem of calculus. 0:51

Visualize Solids of Revolution 4:40

Solids of Revolution #1 2:16 (videos #1-4 take the same area and rotate it around 4 different lines, using discs or washers)

Solids of Revolution #2 1:26

Solids of Revolution #3 2:42

Solids of Revolution #4 2:16

L’Hospital’s Rule 10:14

Free Response Question – 2007 – Problem 1 10:08

Trig prep for the AP Test Part 1 11:32 and Part 2 8:11