Summer Cohort (Year 2) Web Portfolio

This space that contains my work from courses CEP 800 (Learning Psychology in School and Other Settings), CEP 815 (Technology and Leadership), and CEP 822 (Approaches to ED Research). In all of the group projects I worked with Zak, Lindsey, and Kelsey.

CEP 800 – Learning Psychology in School and Other Settings

3x3x3 projects

In these projects we were asked to read a chapter in Daniel Willingham’s book, Why Don’t Students Like School, and then create a 3 minute video, highlighting 3 key points of the chapter, and 3 practical applications to teaching. We put a great deal of time into these videos and think that they provide a quality synopsis of the chapters. You can find all of the 3x3x3 videos our class put together in this Youtube playlist.

The first video covers chapter 2, entitled “How can I teach students the skills they need, when standardized tests only require facts?”

The second video covers chapter 6, entitled “What’s the Secret to getting Students to Think Like real Scientists, Mathematicians, and Historians?”

DreamIT Project

In this project I put together a grant proposal called “Deeper Understanding through Technology”. Each part is hyperlinked below. but essentially I argue that giving each of my students a tablet (if implemented effectively) can greatly increase their depth of understanding in mathematics.


Outline of Ideas

The Total PACKage


Relation to Key Topics in Ed Tech

CEP 815 – Technology and Leadership


Our group put together a discussion oriented webinar on digital literacy in which we had a fascinating discussion about educational technology, literacy, digital natives, and digital citizens. Check out my reflection here or watch the webinar below!

Final Reflection Paper

This paper provides a reflection on my biggest takeaways from this summer. It specifically highlights the importance of balance in theories of learning, the importance of the TPACK framework for technology integration, how flow fits into learning, growth versus fixed mindset and more. Check it out here.

CEP 822 – Approaches to Ed Research

Understanding by Understanding

In this project our group decided to look at the misconceptions regarding “cloud” computing. Almost every person interacts with the cloud in some way on a daily (sometimes an hourly) basis. As we interact more and more with the cloud, understanding how it works can help us to lead safer digital lives online. We discovered that many people have a basic understanding that the “cloud” is not actually a cloud, but when pushed to explain what it is they frequently struggled. Many also agreed that having a better understanding of the cloud would help them make safer choices online. You can see all of our research, methods, and findings here and watch our culmination video below.


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