A Better Friday then Expected

Today was a much better than expected. Quite often Friday, especially Friday afternoon, is a tough day from a teaching standpoint as students tend to be less motivated. However, today was not like that at all. My students in calculus, with several options for how they could manage their time, all worked hard for the entire hour. In both my precalculus classes students were engaged in different tasks. (Some watched and took notes on videos, some work on demonstrating mastery on certain concepts they had missed on tests, and others worked on book assignments.) Even students who almost never work hard for the entire hour gave a full effort. Last hour was maybe the least motivated (The weekend is so close!) but even many of them finished the assignment before the end of the hour.

This is part of a larger trend, especially in precalc, of students being much more independent. In this class students have many options for how they manage their time. At a given moment in class yesterday I had some students working on C.A.R.E projects, some working on book assignments, some completing WSQ forms, and some taking notes on video lessons, and almost every student was fully engaged. This is what a flipped classroom should look like, in my opinion. The goal of flipclass is greater differentiation and students taking ownership of their learning. The last couple days have been the best demonstration of that so far this year.